10 Secrets that Make Healthy Eating--Easy!

by Dr. Julian Whitaker
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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

10 Secrets that Make Healthy Eating Easy!Here are 10 secrets that make healthy eating, easy...

1. Use cooking spray to coat skillets and baking dishes.

2. Never fry food: grill, sauté, broil, or bake instead.

3. Lightly steam vegetables.

4. Make large quantities of soup and other foods, and freeze for later use.

5. Take advantage of prewashed spinach, lettuce, and other produce.

6. Buy large bags of individually frozen skinless, boneless chicken breasts.

7. Make a weekly meal plan and shopping list. 

8. Wash and chop vegetables ahead of time.

9. Build a meal around a whole roasted chicken. Use leftovers for salads, etc.

10. Replace salt with fresh and dried herbs and spices.

Now it's your turn: Do you have a secret that makes healthy eating easier?

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