Adult Stem Cell Therapy Is the Future of Medicine

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Adult Stem Cell Therapy Is the Future of Medicine

Stem cell therapy has been an intensely controversial subject because of its association with human embryonic cells. Today’s research, however, focuses on adult stem cells from a patient’s own body—and there is nothing controversial about using your own cells in a safe and therapeutic manner.

As a result, controversy has been replaced by enthusiasm. New technologies now make it possible to harness the healing power of adult stem cell therapy, which migrates the cells to areas of injury or degeneration to accelerate the body’s natural healing response. This new approach is now being used to address a wide range of health concerns.

Conditions Treated by Adult Stem Cell Therapy

I’m not suggesting that adult stem cell therapy will cure whatever ails you. Nobody can guarantee results for this or any other treatment, and outcomes vary from patient to patient. However, as I see it, adult stem cell therapy is the future of medicine and has the potential to reverse disease, alleviate suffering and improve quality of life.

Here are the results of a few of the Whitaker Wellness Institute patients who have benefited from this remarkable treatment:

Active Again After Being Sidelined by Emphysema

Arlana’s 10-year history of emphysema left her seriously fatigued and short of breath. Immediately after receiving adult stem cell therapy, her energy level rebounded and she was able to resume her walks, housework and other activities she previously enjoyed.

Memory Sharper Than Ever Thanks to Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Ronald is a 69-year-old who prided himself on his remarkable memory—until multiple concussions from automobile accidents and rodeos caught up with him, and he began having significant problems with short-term memory. Following adult stem cell therapy, he was amazed at how rapidly his memory improved.

Gaining Ground After Brain Injury

After suffering a traumatic brain injury, James struggled with verbal communication, physical activities and depression. Adult stem cell therapy improved his ability to express himself, enhanced his physical strength and endurance, and boosted his mood and motivation.

Adult stem cells are a powerful treatment with a broad range of clinical uses. Learn more by visiting our stem cell site, the Newport Beach Stem Cell Treatment Center

To find out if you would be a candidate for adult stem cell therapy, call the Whitaker Wellness Institute at 855-627-2820.

Now it’s your turn: What have you heard about adult stem cell therapy?

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