Banning “Supersized” Sodas Is Not the Way to Solve Obesity

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It’s been all over the news. New York City’s health board is considering implementing a ban on sales of “supersized” sodas. If the ban goes through, it would mean that food establishments could no longer serve sodas that are larger than 16 ounces.

One medical expert testified that large, sugar-laden sodas contribute to the obesity and diabetes crisis in our country. I agree. But creating a new law to ban the sale of large-sized sodas isn’t the answer. If they’re going to do that, they might as well restrict dessert portions in restaurants and the number of ice cream scoops that can be sold at one time.

Folks, if people want to consume large amounts of sugar, they’re going to find a way to do that—regardless of how big a soda they can get at the drive-thru. On average, Americans consume 22.2 teaspoons of sugar a day, which adds up to 355 calories of sugar alone! It’s showing up in our hips, waistlines, blood sugar, blood pressure, and overall health.

The real answer is that people need to understand that sugar is not an innocuous food. It’s a high-glycemic carbohydrate that’s rapidly broken down in your bloodstream, wreaking havoc on your metabolism. Plus, eating sugar causes surges and plunges in your blood sugar, fueling food cravings and constant hunger.

Furthermore, research shows that excess sugar weakens immunity, robs your body of minerals and B vitamins, and promotes free radical damage. Excess sugar also cross-links with proteins to form advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs). When AGEs build up in tissues, they impair cellular function and accelerate aging.

Diet sodas are bad news, too. The reason is that the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas feed your sweet tooth, making you crave even more sugar. Plus, many of these chemicals have unwanted side effects.

So, what can you drink? The best drink you can consume is pure, clean water—which is something we get far too little of. Aim for 64 ounces each day. If you are bored with plain water, try sparkling mineral water with a zest of lemon or lime.

Tea, with its myriad health benefits, can also be consumed at will. And coffee drinkers can feel free to enjoy a few cups a day. Just remember, if you are going to sweeten your coffee or tea, use natural sweeteners such as stevia or xylitol and forgo the calorie-dense creamers.

Now it’s your turn: What do you think about the proposed soda ban?

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