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The Truth about Diabetes and How to Reverse It (e-book only)

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24 million people in the United States now have diabetes—an increase of 3 million over the past two years. And 57 million more are on the slippery slope of pre-diabetes. Uncontrolled blood sugar has become a raging epidemic with deadly consequences. And standard treatments are not working. Dr. Julian Whitaker has successfully treated tens of thousands of patients with diabetes at his world-renowned clinic, the Whitaker Wellness Institute--and he believes that ninety percent of all cases can be treated and reversed naturally.

This report includes his complete treatment protocol, based on scientific research and case studies. In it, you’ll discover the one thing that virtually all doctors do WRONG when treating diabetes, and you’ll learn why high blood sugar isn’t your real problem. You’ll read about patients who have saved limbs from amputation, kidneys from total failure, and who have stopped their insulin completely. Even better, you’ll learn how to do it all yourself, starting immediately.

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About the Author: Julian Whitaker, MD has been featured on USA Weekend TV’s national special, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Larry King and has been widely quoted in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, and Time magazine. He’s the medical author of 13 best-selling books, including Reversing Diabetes, Reversing Heart Disease, A Guide to Natural Healing, and How to Shed 10 Years in 10 Weeks, and his monthly publication Health & Healing is widely considered the most influential physician-edited publication on earth, having reached over 3 million readers since 1991.