The reality is that there are no “magic bullets” when it comes to supporting healthy blood glucose levels. So when it comes to finding a trusted source for blood sugar support, you can rest assured that Dr. Whitaker’s 35+ years of preventative medicine and research expertise are behind every one of his products. Dr. Whitaker’s blood sugar support supplements include only the ingredients and nutrients that have been found to be most effective. Along with watching your diet, and taking a daily multinutrient, ingredients like berberine, chromium, banaba, and cinnamon are his core recommendations for maintaining healthy blood sugar already in the normal range.

Blood Sugar & Weight Loss Vitamins & Supplements

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Berberine+ GlucoGold

Berberine+ GlucoGold™ with 400 mcg of researched Crominex® 3+ delivers advanced support for blood sugarblood sugar
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