Choosing the Right CoQ10 Supplement

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Choosing the right CoQ10 Supplement

With all the research now available—and continuing to emerge—there’s no doubt that taking a CoQ10 supplement delivers tremendous benefits throughout your entire body. While your heart benefits the most, the added energy you get by taking a CoQ10 supplement affects nearly every cell, head-to-toe. And with the right CoQ10 supplement, you’ll actually feel a remarkable energy boost day-to-day.  

Not Every CoQ10 Supplement is Created Equal

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When it comes to choosing a CoQ10 supplement, it’s important to understand the form you’re taking, and to be selective about the delivery system used to get this precious nutrient to the cells in your body. There are two types of CoQ10 used in CoQ10 supplements: ubiquinone and ubiquinol. If you see a CoQ10 supplement with “ubiquinone,” walk away. Your body has to work extra hard to recognize and convert this form into one it can use.

On the other hand, a CoQ10 supplement that contains ubiquinol is at least on the right track. Ubiquinol is identical to 95 percent of the CoQ10 your body is designed to naturally produce. That means your body doesn’t have to convert the CoQ10 to a usable form. It’s ready to go to work the minute you take it. In fact, in vitro research shows that a ubiquinol CoQ10 supplement is up to eight times more bioavailable than other CoQ10 supplements.

How Does Your CoQ10 Supplement Deliver the Ubiquinol CoQ10

Here again, there are two ways for a CoQ10 supplement to deliver this critical, energizing nutrient: as a powder or a liquid. If yours uses powdered CoQ10, that’s not a good sign. When it comes to absorption, a liquid-based CoQ10 supplement is far more bioavailable than any powdered format.

That’s because CoQ10 is a large, bulky molecule that does not travel easily into your cells. But when it’s dispersed in a liquid, usually oil, it goes right in. The bottom line is that milligram for milligram, CoQ10 from a powdered CoQ10 supplement may seem like a bargain, but when it comes to efficiency in your body, it’s anything but.

Add DHLA for Maximum Effect

We keep hearing “reduce, reuse, recycle” these days. And recycling even makes good sense inside your own body. That’s where an amazing nutrient called DHLA comes in. This reduced, concentrated form of alpha lipoic acid (ALA) recycles “used” CoQ10 in your body. So adding it to a CoQ10 supplement makes good sense. Here’s how it works: CoQ10 targets and neutralizes a free radical and in the process, loses an electron (now that CoQ10 molecule is oxidized, or “used up”). But DHLA has the natural ability to donate an electron to the oxidized CoQ10 molecule, effectively bringing it back to life so it regains its antioxidant power. This is the primary reason Dr. Whitaker added DHLA to his CoQ10 supplement, BioActive Q. But there are other reasons—and very strong ones. Because CoQ10 isn’t the only antioxidant DHLA recycles. It also freely donates its electrons to vitamins C and E. And, DHLA provides incredible antioxidant power on its own. When your CoQ10 supplement contains DHLA, you flood your cells with tremendous free-radical-fighting power.

What makes DHLA so generous with its electrons (and gives it this amazing recycling ability)? Most antioxidants have only one electron to donate. DHLA has two. And it’s those electrons that neutralize free radicals. Free radicals storm through your body, looking to steal electrons from healthy cells. Once they steal that electron, the cell is oxidized and no longer useful to you.

But DHLA stops free radicals in their tracks by donating the electron, “rehabilitating” those criminal free radicals. And it does it without sacrificing itself because it has an electron to spare. It’s the perfect antioxidant addition to any CoQ10 supplement!

Can Your CoQ10 Supplement Do All This?

Just keeping your antioxidant army fully loaded—which a good CoQ10 supplement will do—provides incredible benefits to your overall health. But research points to specific dosages that optimize your energy levels, support your arterial health and even help keep your cholesterol in check.

The “magic number” used in the vast majority of the research is 200 mg. Studies show that 200 mg daily from a CoQ10 supplement keeps your arteries relaxed and flexible, allowing blood to move freely through them. The CoQ10 shields the endothelial cells that line the walls of your blood vessels, protecting them from free radicals and keeping them fueled and strong. This in turn has a significantly positive impact on your blood pressure levels. If your CoQ10 supplement doesn’t provide this “magic” 200 mg daily of CoQ10, you’re not getting this critical cardiovascular benefit.

Or the next one…

Healthy cholesterol means more than just your HDL and LDL numbers. There’s another type, called Lipoprotein(a), or Lp(a). It’s been recognized as a heart health marker for more than 10 years now, but virtually ignored. Why? Because it’s extremely difficult to keep in check. Unless you’re taking a CoQ10 supplement that provides 200 mg of highly bioavailable ubiquinol CoQ10.

Studies clearly indicate that 200 mg daily of CoQ10 help keep your Lp(a) levels where they should be for healthy arteries and a healthy heart. Make sure your CoQ10 supplement gives you this critical amount.

The Right CoQ10 Supplement Gives You Energy

And again, the “magic number” for ramping up your energy and stamina is 200 mg daily. While CoQ10 pours into your cells, sparking natural energy production, you’ll also feel a noticeable lift in your physical vitality. You may not start running marathons, but you’ll have that extra edge that lets you truly enjoy whatever you’re doing—and enjoy it for longer. Start taking a good CoQ10 supplement and you’re far less likely to feel rundown or tired for no reason.

A Recap: What to Look for in a CoQ10 Supplement

There’s no question that you have a lot of choices when it comes to picking a CoQ10 supplement. But you want to make sure whichever CoQ10 supplement you opt for gives you 200 mg of ubiquinol CoQ10, in liquid form, and together with DHLA. Dr. Whitaker couldn’t find an existing CoQ10 supplement that met his standards, so he developed BioActive Q for his patients. It meets all his requirements for a top-quality CoQ10 supplement, providing

  • Protection and energy to your heart
  • Unmatched antioxidant power
  • A noticeable energy boost
  • Additional support for healthy arteries
  • Help in maintaining normal Lp(a)
  • Support for healthy blood pressure
  • Incredible cellular “fuel” to keep your cells healthy

They’ve known this fact for years, but you need to know it too: If you’re on a statin drug, you’re depleting your body’s CoQ10 supply, and you should start taking a CoQ10 supplement immediately to replenish your levels.

Over the years, I’ve made it my mission to get the word out about how statin drugs work, and why supplementing with CoQ10 when taking them is critical.  These drugs work along the very same pathways in your liver your body uses to produce precious CoQ10. Statins are unquestionably effective at lowering cholesterol, but they take your CoQ10 levels down with it—leading to serious adverse effects!

In fact, studies have shown statins can drop CoQ10 levels by as much as 40 percent. This is a shortfall you can’t ignore, especially because as you age, your CoQ10 levels are already falling naturally to begin with! I strongly recommend to that anyone on a statin, take 200 mg of ubiquinol CoQ10 supplement daily. Not only will you replenish what’s lost, but you’ll feel so much better in the process.

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