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red wine contains resveratrolDo you like to drink a glass of red wine with dinner? Here’s some good news—that glass of wine may actually help extend your life. In recent years we have discovered more health benefits of wine than even the most ardent oenophile (lover of wine) could have imagined.

Studies have shown that moderate wine consumption reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, improves insulin sensitivity, and lowers risk of diabetes and some types of cancer. People who drink wine, especially red wine, are less likely to be obese, suffer with depression, or get Alzheimer’s. And in addition to staying healthy, wine drinkers tend to live longer!

One of the reasons red wine is so healthy is that it contains resveratrol, a phytonutrient that’s also available as a supplement. The cardio-protective benefits of resveratrol are broad. It boosts levels of HDL cholesterol and nitric oxide, which relaxes the arteries and improves blood pressure. It thins the blood by inhibiting platelet aggregation and blocks the adhesion of clots to the artery walls, which is the cause of most heart attacks and strokes. It is also a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that tends to minimize damage, even if you have a heart attack or stroke.

But resveratrol’s benefits go far beyond heart disease. Resveratrol may even slow the aging process. I guarantee we’ll be hearing much more about resveratrol as a solution for a wide variety of age-related disorders in coming years.

While I’d love to be able to tell you that drinking a glass of wine every night is all you have to do to reap resveratrol’s many health benefits, that simply isn’t possible. The recommended dose is 100 mg once or twice daily with meals and a single glass of wine only has about 1-2 mg.

Be aware that the market is saturated with resveratrol supplements, so read labels carefully and buy from a reputable manufacturer. I suggest looking for a standardized extract of trans-resveratrol such as ResVinol-25. It is an ingredient in a number of products available in health food stores and online

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