Diabesity Challenge Tip: Let the Sun Shine In

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Last Reviewed 04/17/2014

When you really think about it, the principle behind weight loss is pretty simply: eat less and Dr. Whitaker Diabesity Challengeexercise more. But there are nutrient deficiencies that can affect your weight, and one of those involves good old vitamin D.

Blood levels of this vitamin are inversely associated with insulin resistance, diabetes, blood pressure, and according to recent research, excess weight and abdominal obesity.

Have your vitamin D blood level tested, and if it’s not in the 50–80 ng/mL range, take enough supplemental vitamin D3 to get it there. Typical adult doses are 2,000–5,000 IU daily. During the spring and summer months, the body can manufacture its own vitamin D from sunshine. However, during the colder, darker winter months this isn’t possible so supplementation is the only way to go.

I hope this information helps you as you continue your weight loss journey. Have another great week and keep up with the program…it works!

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