Diabesity Challenge Tip: Make the Mini-Fast With Exercise a Permanent Lifestyle Change

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With just a few days to go in my Diabesity Challenge, you may be getting a little worried Dr. Whitaker's Diabesity Challengethinking, “What now?” Because, let’s face it, once most diets are over, the weight ALWAYS comes back.

That’s why I designed the mini-fast with exercise program to be a lifestyle change, not a “diet” per se. In other words, you can follow this protocol indefinitely for the rest of your life.

There are several benefits of continuing the program. For starters, you’ll avoid the vicious cycle of weight gain and weight loss (the yo-yo phenomenon) so common with other fad diets or extreme exercise regimens. And as the pounds drop off and stay off, other areas of your health will improve as well.

So, even though my Diabesity Challenge is drawing to a close, your personal involvement with the program doesn’t have to end. I strongly encourage you to stick with this protocol for the long haul.

In a nutshell, just fast until noon and then eat sensibly for the rest of the day, continue with your moderate sessions of morning exercise, and keep using the recommended dietary supplements to support your health and weight loss efforts.

Making the mini-fast with exercise protocol part of your life-long health regimen will have you looking and feeling better than you have in years. Better still, this is one lifestyle change that can really jumpstart your journey on the road to optimal health.

Enjoy this final week of the program! I’ll be sharing the results of the Diabesity Challenge in an upcoming issue of my Health & Healing newsletter, so if you aren’t already a subscriber, become one today.

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