Diabesity Challenge Tip: Stretch Your Mind And Body With Yoga

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It’s no secret that many people are emotional eaters. When times get tough, deadlines are looming, or the demands of friends and family are overwhelming, you head to the refrigerator (or freezer or cupboard).
For many people, figuring out how to break the emotional eating/stress cycle can be the most challenging part of losing weight. The good news is, there is one activity that not only helps to ease stress, but is a great form of exercise as well: yoga.
The stretching, breathing, and relaxation techniques of yoga are proven to decrease stress and anxiety. But that’s not all. Yoga also helps to:

  • soothe joints
  • tone muscles
  • increase flexibility in the legs, spine, and shoulders
  • teach proper alignment of the body
  • relieve tension

Yoga can be challenging, so make sure you take a class geared to the level of your experience. Before signing on, talk with the teacher. A qualified instructor can help guide you toward a program suited to your needs and abilities.
Once you’ve taken a class and learned the proper way to do the various yoga poses, you can try DVDs for at-home use. There are also many TV programs and even pay-per-view options available.
I hope this information will help you as you continue your weight loss journey. Have another great week and keep up with the program…it works!

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