Diabetes Tip: How to Remember Your Supplements

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pill minderOne of the toughest parts of diabetes management—or maintaining good health in general—is remembering to take your nutritional supplements every day. A colleague of mine said she can’t remember how many times she’s stood in the kitchen and asked her husband if she took her vitamins yet, or not.

Over the years, my readers have shared some pretty clever ways they remember to take supplements:


Use a Paper Cup:
“I use a paper cup. After I have taken my supplements, I turn the cup upside down. If the cup is right side up, I know I haven't taken them yet.” – Bev P.

Keep Them by the Coffee Cup:

“I keep my vitamins in the kitchen cabinet by my coffee cup which is the first place I go in the mornings. I'm sure to see them there.” – Don P.

Use a Sectioned Box:
“Every few weeks I prepare 3 weeks worth of vitamins which I put into a sectioned box meant for nuts and bolts that I purchased in a hardware store.” – Leonard Z.

Keep a Chart:
“I keep a sectional chart (name of pill and time taken). This chart is fastened on the 'fridge which faces the work area, up close, so there is NO WAY I can forget. – Edna H.

Try an Empty Egg Carton:
“An empty egg carton works well for setting out several days’ worth of supplements.” Hope

Now it’s your turn: Is there a trick that you use to remember to take your supplements?


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