Diabetes Treatments: HBOT and EECP

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If you’re living with diabetes, you’ll be interested in learning about these two treatments used at the Whitaker Wellness Institute—hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP).

HBOT and EECP are two powerful therapies that can help treat a variety of conditions. They’re both all about oxygen.

HBOT, which involves breathing concentrated oxygen in a pressurized chamber, saturates the tissues with oxygen and “wakes up” damaged nerves. Because many bacteria cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment, HBOT also facilitates the healing of diabetic ulcers.

EECP increases oxygen delivery as well, but by a different mechanism. It rhythmically squeezes the lower extremities, which dramatically improves blood flow throughout the body. In addition, EECP stimulates the production of new blood vessels resulting in benefits that are enduring.

Although it is used primarily to treat patients with heart disease, EECP also benefits a long list of other conditions, including kidney disease and diabetes complications.

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