Diabetic Diet: Recipe for Tapas Trio

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These colorful, quick, trendy munchies from Spain are not only tasty, they’re packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Add marinated zucchini, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, small pieces of chicken…the possibilities are endless! Serve in small bowls and enjoy! You can find this and other delicious diabetic diet recipes in my Reversing Diabetes Cookbook.
recipes for diabetes: tapas trio
Recipe for Tapas Trio
Serves 4

1 cup mushrooms
1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar or lemon juice
¼ teaspoon salt substitute
½ clove garlic, peeled and minced
¼ cup green olives
¼ cup ripe olives (preferably kalamata)
1 (4-ounce) tin sardines in tomato sauce or mustard, drained
3 teaspoons freshly chopped parsley, for garnish

Clean mushrooms and cut in half, if small, or quarters if large.

Combine olive oil, vinegar, salt, and garlic in a small serving bowl. Stir, then add mushrooms and mix until evenly coated. Allow to marinate at room temperature for 15 to 30 minutes. (If longer, cover and place in refrigerator.)

Drain green and rip olives and place in a small serving bowl.

Drain sardines and place in a small serving bowl.

Garnish each dish with one teaspoon parsley and serve.

Enjoy your tapas trio!

Nutritional information (per serving): calories: 86; total fat: 6 grams; cholesterol: 17 mg; sodium: 352 mg; carbs: 2 grams; fiber: 1 gram; protein: 5 grams.

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