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Forward Gold Daily Regimen® (60 packets, 30-day supply) | Multi-Nutrient Supplements

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The GOLD STANDARD for brain, bone, and balance support!

Which formula is right for you?

I firmly believe that a robust multinutrient is the foundation of any healthy lifestyle—that’s why I developed the Forward family of supplements. Most recently, my research team and I developed Forward Gold Daily Regimen®—the biggest multivitamin breakthrough for folks over age 65 I’ve ever seen!

Forward Gold Daily Regimen delivers…

  • Therapeutic daily nutrition for vibrant health after age 65
  • Advanced support for brain health and cognitive function
  • Superior support for bone strength and physical balance
  • Plus, fewer pills a day

Not only is Forward Gold a superior daily multinutrient, it goes far beyond even “senior” multis by giving you advanced support for three serious health concerns that are absolutely critical to maintaining long-term vitality and independence—Brain Health, Bone Density, and Balance. I call these the “3 Bs” of healthy aging. Even better, Forward Gold delivers all of this additional support in fewer pills a day! Each packet contains just 5 pills.

“I can’t find another product that beats Forward Gold. In this economy, I have tried to substitute another product and my body just does not respond as it does with Forward Gold! I am 73 and accomplish the workload of others who are 60 years old.”*
— Shirley, Internet review

BRAIN health and cognitive function

Forward Gold delivers potent omega-3s, vitamin B12, and Cognizin® (Click to see study results.)—all for improved cognitive health and mental acuity. The breakthrough ingredient Cognizin is one you won’t find in any other multivitamins.

BONE density and physical strength

Forward Gold includes robust amounts of highly bioavailable calcium and vitamin D to promote bone density and muscle strength.

BALANCE and stability

Forward Gold also supplies magnesium and boron, which help regulate calcium absorption and bone remodeling, giving you the building blocks you need to stay strong and steady on your feet.

*Individual results may vary.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Science Support

Over 50% better attention with Cognizin

Rarely do I discover a breakthrough ingredient the impresses me as much as Cognizin citicoline (CDP-choline), an amazing, clinically studied compound that helps enhance brain and memory function, attention, and mental energy. A recent study compared the effects of 250 mg of Cognizin vs. a placebo. After 28 days, those taking 250mg—the amount included in Forward Gold—produced more than 50% fewer errors on a commission test, showing that Cognizin helps improve attention performance.1

1 McGlade E et al. Improved attentional performance following citicholine administration in healthy women. Food and Nutrition Sciences 2012;(3):769–73.

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