Health Benefits of Aloe Vera for Healing Wounds

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Last Reviewed 03/07/2014

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera for Healing Wounds

I love aloe vera. I’ve personally seen it heal serious wounds in three people, with no scarring. In one case, doctors had been trying for over a year to cure a non-healing wound. The health benefits of aloe vera cleared it up in just three months. I live in a retirement village and when new people move in, I give them a little aloe vera plant. I’ve traveled all over in my motor home, and the one thing that never gets left behind is my aloe vera plant! — V.B.S., Oceanside, CA

I, too, am a big fan of the health benefits of aloe vera. To treat burns, sunburn, insect bites and wounds, simply slice open a leaf and apply the inner gel to the affected area to enjoy aloe vera plant benefits to wounds.  JW

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