Health Benefits of Zinc in Promoting Memory

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We’ve long known that the mineral zinc is important for cognitive function, and that supplemental zinc has been shown to improve memory and recall in older people. We also know there may be a link between zinc and Alzheimer’s disease.

Health Benefits of Zinc in Promoting Memory

Now, after 50 years of research, a new study finally shows the health benefits of zinc as it supports brain function. Researchers from the University of Toronto Scarborough, MIT, and Duke University reported a new finding that zinc plays a critical role in how neurons in the brain communicate with one another—affecting our memory and how we learn.

The researchers created a special chemical called ZX1 that binds to zinc after it’s released, but before it completes the synapse—which is how neurons in one area of your brain communicate with neurons in other areas. Neurons deprived of zinc communicate far less effectively, and this impairs memory and ability to learn.

But neurons aren’t the only cells that need the health benefits of zinc. Adequate zinc levels are essential for optimal immune function, wound healing, vision, male sexual function and skin health.

How much  should you take to experience the health benefits of zinc? I recommend 30 mg of zinc along with 2 mg of copper daily for the full health benefits of zinc. (Zinc interferes with your body’s ability to absorb copper, and you need copper for your brain, muscles, nerves, and your immune system.)

Now it’s your turn: Are you taking zinc and copper?

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