World’s first stainless steel flip-top water filter bottle

Replacement Water Filter Stainless Steel

Item# ZTY11
1 Bottle

Quench your thirst without spending a fortune on unsafe bottled water

Drinking plenty of water is critical to good health. But most tap water and bottled waters are not your best options. Tap water contains chemicals, toxins, and even traces of medications. Bottled water often sits on warehouse shelves for months, setting up the perfect environment for plastic particles like Antimony to leach into the water if they are exposed to heat over 85 degrees. Your safest—and most economical—option is to filter your water. The best way to do that while you’re on the go is with a portable water filter bottle. The Fill2Pure Stainless Steel Water Bottle contains a special coconut carbon filter and other propriety medias that guarantee up to 99.99% removal of chlorine, sediment, toxic chemicals, and heavy metals. The Fill2Pure lets you turn water from any tap or fountain into clean, safe, filtered water instantly. You get clean, clear, fresh water whenever you need it and wherever you go. Forget spending hundreds of dollars a year on bottled water that could contain contaminants. Carry the Fill2Pure Stainless Steel bottle with you and enjoy instant access to clean, refreshing, healthy water.

  • Filters out up to 99.99%% of the chlorine, sediment, toxic chemicals, and heavy metals found in tap water
  • Secure flip-top offers leak-proof convenience
  • Wide straw for optimum water flow
  • Attractive, sleek and lightweight
  • One filter cleans over 100 gallons of water—that’s over 500 refills

Replacement filters are also available.  Fill2Pure Stainless Steel Water bottles make great gifts!