Improve Memory and Focus With Bacopa

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Improve Memory and Focus With Bacopa

As I’ve told you before, there are several ways to naturally improve memory and maintain cognitive function—including a variety of memory supplements. For the most part, the supplements I have mentioned in the past help preserve long-term memory. That’s why I was excited when I came across research on a special standardized extract of bacopa called Synapsa™.

Bacopa is a revered herb in Ayurvedic medicine, where it has been used traditionally for thousands of years to increase learning speed, boost memory power, and sharpen the senses. So it’s not surprising that Synapsa has been demonstrated in several clinical trials to enhance cognitive performance and mental acuity and also improve both long- and short-term memory.

Enhanced Long- and Short-Term Memory

In one double-blind, placebo-controlled study examining the effects of Synapsa on cognitive function, daily supplementation for 12 weeks was shown to support information processing, verbal learning, and memory association in adults. In another similar trial, it was shown to help promote the retention of new information.

Perhaps more compelling, in another study researchers noted improved cognitive function shortly after participants took Synapsa and also reported reductions in cortisol levels and better mood—“side effects” most everyone can benefit from.

Based on all of these findings, I have added Synapsa to my list of safe, natural ways to improve memory, boost focus and mental acuity, and support overall cognitive function. The doses used in the studies ranged from 300–640 mg per day. Look for memory supplements containing Synapsa and use as directed.

Now it’s your turn: What other natural methods do you use to improve memory? 

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