Chocolate Health Benefits Include Weight Loss

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It's true—the health benefits of chocolate can include weight loss. 

Chocolate Health Benefits: Weight Loss Transcript

Chocolate for weight loss? You bet. Believe it or not, cocoa contains fat-burning and appetite suppressing compounds that are key components of several weight loss supplements.

Cocoa extracts have other health benefits as well. They protect the arteries, they reduce blood pressure, they increase insulin sensitivity. Cocoa is also one of nature's best sources of antioxidants containing more of these protective compounds than berries or red grapes. Last, but not least, cocoa boosts chemicals in the brain associated with sensations of pleasure. It's reported to stimulate the same "feel good" receptors as falling in love.

I'm not recommending that you eat bon bons all day; a few bites of rich dark chocolate, however, once in awhile, is good for both body and soul.

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