The Mini-Fast with Exercise Program

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Last Reviewed 03/19/2014

The Mini-Fast with Exercise Program

Here is a summary of my Mini-fast With Exercise Program:

  • Engage in a mini-fast. (No food before noon; however, water and coffee or tea with a little creamer and/or low-calorie sweetener are okay.)

  • Continue taking all of your medications. If you’re on insulin, monitor your blood sugar as it may drop too low and require an adjustment in medication.

  • Continue taking your daily multivitamin and/or other nutritional supplements. If they upset your stomach, take them later with meals.

  • Build up to at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise (brisk walking, jogging, stair-climbing, etc.) first thing in the morning. Exercise five or more days a week.

  • Eat a healthy lunch and dinner (low fat, low-glycemic carbohydrates; lean protein; moderate amounts of caffeine and alcohol are allowed). “Dieting” is not required, but overeating will sabotage any weight-loss program.

  • Take 2 capsules of Metabolic Essentials with meals twice a day (optional).

  • Record your exercise sessions, evaluate your diet (poor, fair, or good), and track your weight (optional).

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