What is a Healthy Diet Plan?

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Last Reviewed 02/16/2014

What is a Healthy Diet Plan?

Following a healthy diet plan is one of the primary therapeutic lifestyle changes I recommend for optimal health and well-being. A healthy diet plan is a powerful tool for preventing and treating serious degenerative diseases—particularly heart disease, diabetes and obesity. But what is a healthy diet plan?

Foods You Should Eat

Research and treating patients at the Whitaker Wellness Institute have proven that including certain foods in your diet every day can have a tremendous positive effect on your health and well-being.

In a nutshell, a healthy diet plan contains the following:

Foods You Should Avoid

It goes without saying, but to follow a healthy diet plan, you also need to avoid specific foods. There are many foods—especially when eaten in excess—that can increase your risk of serious degenerative diseases and other health problems.

But I firmly believe that the most problematic are those that contain sugar and salt. I have no doubt that they are the main culprits in our diabetes, heart disease and obesity epidemics.

I know from personal experience that changing your eating habits isn’t easy. But if you commit to incorporating a healthy diet plan into your daily life, you’ll be well on your way to optimal health and well-being.

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