Enjoy the Antioxidants in Coffee and Tea

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Last Reviewed 04/17/2014

Enjoy the Antioxidants in Coffee and Tea

Americans love their coffee—to the tune of 3.1 cups a day for the average consumer. As it turns out, your morning cup of Joe may soon be considered a health food. Though tea is thought to be the all-time antioxidant leader, research from the University of Scranton reveals that antioxidants in coffee actually make it the frontrunner.

Antioxidants in Coffee Make It the Best Source

Levels didn’t vary much between brewed and instant coffee, and decaf didn’t fall far behind caffeinated. Most surprising, coffee was found to be five times better at preventing oxidation than vitamin C! That’s not to say that antioxidants in tea aren’t great. Tea contains another class of antioxidants called catechins, which provide numerous health benefits.

My advice is to do what I do, and enjoy both of these health-enhancing beverages: the antioxidants in coffee in the morning (for that wake-up jolt of caffeine) and the antioxidants in tea (usually green) in the afternoon.

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