The Best Natural Sleeping Aids


Restful sleep is critical to your health, mind, well-being and mood. But unfortunately, many sleep solutions out there (even natural sleeping aids) can make the problem worse by robbing you of restful sleep. That’s because the wrong natural sleeping aid can disrupt your natural sleep cycle, shortening the deepest, most restorative phases of restful sleep, actually causing a sleepless night.

Some natural sleep aids can even give you a “sleep hangover” the next morning; making you groggy and out of sorts, wishing you never took the natural sleeping aid in the first place.

The bottom line is that if you’re not careful, even a natural sleeping aid can make your troubles worse.

Natural Sleeping Aids that Work

If you’re having sleepless nights, the good news is that there are natural sleep aids that are safe, and can give you sound, restful sleep. These “gifts from nature” are the perfect natural sleep aid solution for any sleepless night.

The Right Melatonin Supplement Can Provide Restful Sleep

Melatonin supplements contain melatonin, a hormone produced in your pineal gland which is embedded in your brain, behind your eyes. The pineal gland responds to light entering your eyes and secretes melatonin when it becomes dark. Your melatonin level begins to rise at dusk, making you sleepy. Then it peaks between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. But starting at age 40, melatonin production can slow down so it no longer helps you fall asleep, or get the restful sleep you need.

That’s where a melatonin supplement can help. A good melatonin supplement, taken in the right dose, can help you fall asleep when you should, and that same supplement can help you wake when you should. So a melatonin supplement is the first natural sleeping aid you want to take in order to combat those sleepless nights.

Valerian Root Can Help You Fall Asleep Faster

Valerian extract is the perfect complement to a melatonin supplement, when you’re trying to get restful sleep. In fact, taking a good melatonin supplement and valerian extract together is one of the most powerful natural sleeping aid combinations you can find for restful sleep.

Valerian extract comes from the root of the valerian plant, and it’s one of the best natural sleeping aids you can find for those nights that you’re tossing and turning and looking at the clock. The reason valerian extract is so potent is because valerian extract contains 150 compounds that can help to calm your nerves. In fact, valerian extract is one of the oldest natural sleeping aids you can find. Valerian extract has been used since the 1800s to help people get sound, restful sleep.

When researchers studied valerian extract, they found that valerian extract helps you fall asleep faster. That’s because valerian extract improves sleep latency. Plus, valerian extract also helps to give you better sleep quality, which makes this extract a powerful natural sleeping aid for getting restful sleep.

In one natural sleeping aid study on valerian extract, volunteers given 400 mg of valerian extract before bed experienced improved sleep, including better sleep quality, than those taking only the placebo. Another study, using the same valerian extract dose, suggests that valerian extract also helps you fall asleep faster when compared to placebo. That makes valerian extract the perfect antidote to any sleepless night.

Hops is the Next Natural Sleeping Aid for Sleepless Nights

Going beyond a good melatonin supplement and valerian extract, the next potent natural sleeping aid you’ll want to know about is hops. The key is to take hops with valerian extract. That’s because research shows a combination of hops extract (120 mg) and valerian extract (500 mg) may help to improve sleep, and decrease the time it takes to fall asleep. No wonder hops extract and valerian extract are a powerful natural sleeping aid combination.

Plus, the combination of hops extract and valerian extract may help to increase brain alpha-wave activity, which is your “sleep brainwaves.” There’s no better natural sleeping aid combination than hops extract and valerian extract, especially when you couple it with a good melatonin supplement.

Dr. Whitaker combines hops, valerian extract, a good melatonin supplement and more in a natural sleep aid that gives you sound, restful sleep.

If you’re struggling with sleepless nights, it’s important to understand that restful sleep is extremely important to your health. In fact, scientists are discovering that without sound, restful sleep your body actually ages faster. That’s because while you’re getting restful sleep, your body has the opportunity to repair itself. In fact, even one sleepless night can make a real difference in your health, making restful sleep essential.

This is the reason Dr. Julian Whitaker created the powerful natural sleeping aid , Restful Night Essentials. Dr. Whitaker’s natural sleeping aid formula combines a good melatonin supplement, along with valerian extract, and hops. But that’s not where this natural sleeping aid combination ends.

In Restful Night Essentials, Dr. Whitaker also included several other nutrients to help you get restful sleep, including L-theanine and lemon balm. Together they form a powerful natural sleeping aid combination to turn any sleepless night into the restful sleep your body needs.

This natural sleeping aid  combination works quickly and naturally, and it’s completely non-habit forming, so you can take it every night you need it, with no worries.

No matter what’s causing you to have a sleepless night, this natural sleep aid combination can help.

What’s causing your sleepless nights?

Is your mind running at night, keeping you awake? Maybe you tried natural sleeping aid  that just made you groggy the next day. The combination of a good melatonin supplement, valerian extract and the other nutrients in this natural sleeping aid combination can help you get your sleep cycle back on track. Then, once you’re asleep, these natural sleeping aid nutrients—the melatonin supplement, valerian extract and other nutrients—can help you stay asleep. So you can get the restful sleep your body craves. No more waking up at night, and staring at the ceiling while you have a sleepless night. You can finally get the kind of restful sleep you need to recharge your body, energy, and brain and wake up fully refreshed.

Plus, Restful Night Essentials is non-habit forming. So you can take this natural sleep aid—complete with its built-in melatonin supplement, valerian extract, and more—every night you need it, with no worries.

What’s also important is that this natural sleep aid starts working right away.

It’s important to understand that you’re going to get to say goodbye to sleepless nights, starting as early as the very first night. The natural sleep aid combination of a melatonin supplement, valerian extract and the other key nutrients can help you get sound, restful sleep starting the very first night you take it.

That’s because this isn’t like any other natural sleep aid you can find. Another natural sleeping aid could take days to build in your system before it can help you overcome a sleepless night, and finally get restful sleep.

But the natural sleep aid combination in Restful Night Essentials works right away. In fact, you can expect relief from sleepless nights even as early as the very first night you take it. It’s also one of the only natural sleep aids you can use every night without worry, so you can get restful sleep, again and again. And you can continue taking it without worry because Restful Night Essentials is non-habit forming.

The fact is you need regular, sound, restful sleep to be healthy, so having a natural sleeping aid that works is incredibly important. Just think about how a sleepless night makes you feel.

If you have sleepless nights occasionally, you’ll be astounded by how you feel when sound, restful sleep every night, is a regular part of your life.

Common Causes of a Sleepless Night

  • Stress (both good and bad)
  • A racing mind
  • Anxiety
  • Certain prescriptions
  • Alcohol
  • Travel
  • Decreasing levels of the sleep-regulating hormone called melatonin

No matter why you’re suffering from sleepless nights, the natural sleeping aid Restful Night Essentials can help you get restful sleep.

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