A Natural Nasal Decongestant

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Last Reviewed 02/17/2014

A Natural Nasal Decongestant

Here’s a natural nasal decongestant with the following properties:

  • Cheap (about 10 cents a dose)
  • Doesn’t make you sleepy or dry mucous membranes
  • Isn’t habit-forming
  • Has nutritional value
  • Can be used for people of any age

Natural Nasal Decongestant Recipe

To make this magic liquid, mince up about a quarter-cup of onion. Pour boiling water over the onion and let it steep for a few minutes. Strain and sip.

(The cool thing is that, if you are really congested, you can’t even taste the onion.) — Anonymous, via email

I love home remedies, and this natural nasal decongestant is definitely worth a try! — JW

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