Healing Tip: Drink Low-Sodium V8 Juice

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Healing Tip: Drink Low-Sodium V8 Juice

When W.G. Peacock whipped up his first batch of V8 Juice back in 1933, he had no idea what he was on to. Today, we know that this popular beverage confers a bevy of benefits.

V8 Juice is a Nutritional Powerhouse

Each eight-ounce serving contains the following:                    

  • As much potassium as two small bananas,
  • As well as hefty doses of vitamin C, magnesium, and other vitamins and minerals.
  • Furthermore, it is an excellent source of the carotenoid lycopene.

This combination of nutrients is great for the cardiovascular system. The antioxidants in this juice protect against oxidation of LDL cholesterol, and both lycopene and potassium are effective therapies for lowering blood pressure and staving off heart disease. Lycopene also guards against cancer. One study demonstrated that men with high lycopene levels had a 30 percent to 40 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer. All this from good old-fashioned V8!

Since regular V8 contains more sodium than I recommend, look for Low Sodium V8 Juice in your grocery store. Aim for eight to 12 ounces per day—and get ready to reap a glassful of health benefits.

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