Boost Cognitive Function With This Brain Bender

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When it comes to cognitive function, the saying “use it or lose it” certainly rings true. Challenging yourself mentally strengthens existing neuronal pathways in your brain, and builds new nerve connections that enhance cognitive function and aid in Alzheimer's prevention.

With mental exercises, variety is important. Try rotating in different activities such as reading books, playing games and puzzles, learning a new word each day, or taking a class at your local community college.

Here’s a mental challenge you can try right now to boost cognitive function and help prevent Alzheimer's disease:

Playing CardsThere are seven playing cards (8 through Ace) lying face down on a table. Using the clues below, can you determine what order they’re in?

1.      There is one card between the Ace and the 9 card.

2.      The 8 card is between the 10 card and the King.

3.      There are three cards between the King and the Ace.

4.      The Jack is directly right of the Ace.

5.      The Queen is in the middle.

6.      The Jack is somewhere to the right of the 10 card. 

Do you know the answer? Go ahead and post it in the comments. Then check my blog on Monday, May 2 for the answer.

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