This new & improved device perfectly and effortlessly cleans your teeth in just 30 seconds!

30 Second Smile Platinum (2 units)

Item# ZIA20
1 Bottle

Sticking with a rigorous dental hygiene program is hard for everyone, but we all need to pay attention to the health of our teeth and gums. The state of your mouth is often a strong indicator of the health of your entire body.

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth for 2–5 minutes, twice a day, using the Bass technique (holding your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle against your teeth as you brush each surface with short, quick, back and forth movements). But honestly, who spends that much time brushing their teeth every day? Studies show most adults only brush their teeth anywhere from 29 seconds to 1 minute, with the average brushing time at 30 seconds.

The New and Improved 30 Second Smile Platinum was designed to brush your teeth in the exact way your dentist recommends—in just 30 seconds! Every time you use the 30 Second Smile, you’ll experience that “straight from the dentist” clean.

The 30 Second Smile helps to promote healthy teeth and gums, and is designed with 6 patented microbrushes within one brush head. This revolutionary brush literally surrounds your teeth so that the inside, top side, and outside surfaces on both your top and bottom teeth are properly brushed at the same time. The brush also helps to remove plaque, while providing a gentle and stimulating massage of the gums.

The two-sided brush head also pivots and automatically positions itself around the shape and size of your teeth. This means that each surface of every tooth gets a thorough, but gentle cleaning. It’s also perfectly safe to use the 30 Second Smile with crowns, bridges, veneers, and other dental work.

NEW features of 30 Second Smile Platinum:
  • Six patented microbrushes
  • Ergonomically designed power handle
  • TWO brushing speeds instead of one
  • Induction charging system—simply place the toothbrush onto the charging base for storage and charging (no more batteries!)
  • Smart pressure sensor that shuts off the unit if the user bites too hard and will not continue brushing until the biting pressure is correct for error-free brushing.
Simplify your daily oral hygiene routine
To use the 30 Second Smile, turn it on, open your mouth, and bite into the 6 microbrushes—the 30 Second Smile does the rest in only 30 seconds.This NEW platinum model is more powerful and has TWO speeds—Restoration Speed I is 850–900 strokes per minute to restore oral health. Maintenance Speed II at 1,100–1,200 strokes per minute maintains and raises oral health to a new level of oral care. It perfectly mimics the Bass technique, eliminating human error. And, at either speed, 30 Second Smile enables the bristle tips to quickly clean and remove harmful particles and bacteria from between your teeth and along the gum line.

The New and Improved 30 Second Smile takes oral care to a whole new level. It’s a revolutionary approach to keeping your teeth and gums healthy, which is an indicator of your overall health. You won’t find another toothbrush on the market that perfectly and effortlessly cleans your teeth in 30 seconds with two speeds at such a great price.

Here are a few testimonials I'd like to share on how happy customers are with 30 Second Smile:


“The 30 second smile electric toothbrush is FANTASTIC! My dentist has wanted me to use an electric toothbrush for years. I have tried several different brands, and until now, have not felt they have done a good job cleaning my teeth. The 30 Second Smile Platinum is quick and easy to use, and cleans my teeth and gums without having to go over a second time with a regular brush! Cleaning both sides of the teeth at the same time—what a great idea!!” — Aletha V., FL*

“The toothbrush is fantastic. Our dental check-ups have been just 100% better. Gums are improving all the time. And when you get done brushing with this product, this good toothbrush, your teeth just feel smooth and clean and I just can’t say enough about it. It’s fantastic!” — Mary W., AZ*

*Results may vary.