Get the Age-Fighting Power of New Triveratrol Plus!

Triveratrol Plus® (60 capsules, 1-month supply)

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Now with even greater anti-aging antioxidant power!

My Triveratrol Plus formula just got even more powerful! I’ve added a breakthrough “super nutrient” called pterostilbene (pronounced “tare-O-still-bean”). Pterostilbene is a close cousin of the resveratrol that’s already in Triveratrol Plus, but this is a clear-cut case of 1 + 1 = 3, because these two anti-aging compounds have an astonishing synergistic effect.

What is “aging” anyway?

There are three factors that cause the insidious deterioration that we call aging.

  1. Inflammation—a response from your immune system that, left unchecked, can accelerate aging
  2. Free-radical damage—when unstable molecules attack healthy cells
  3. Declining cellular integrity—when cells do not replicate properly

These processes can occur separately or in combination (it varies by individual), and the only way to fight back is by addressing all three.

My New and Improved Triveratrol Plus does exactly that, with an exclusive blend of four patented extracts that fights to keep your mind, heart, skin, joints, and every cell in your body young and healthy.

“Only in New and Improved Triveratrol Plus will you find this exclusive blend of revolutionary youth-promoting extracts.”

Preliminary cell studies have shown that these amazing compounds work better when taken together, delivering enhanced, long-lasting protection against oxidative damage (in other words, aging).

pTeroPure™ pterostilbene delivers the antioxidant power of 10,000 pints of blueberries

For my new and improved formula, I chose pTeroPure™ pterostilbene, an award-winning super-nutrient identical to the pterostilbene that’s found in blueberries. (In fact, you’d have to eat over 10,000 pints of blueberries to get the same amount found in one dose of New and Improved Triveratrol Plus!) This next-generation ingredient is being carefully studied, and evidence from human clinical trials is just around the corner.

You’ll still get the veritable banquet of bioavailable super-nutrients that was already in Triveratrol Plus…

My formulation has always been chockfull of breakthrough ingredients designed to combat the aging process at the cellular level. Triveratrol Plus started with resveratrol when it was first discovered, and it has continued to improve with time—just like fine wine!

You’ll get four amazing extracts that provide unparalleled antioxidant protection against aging…

1 ResVinol-25™ gives you the same amount of resveratrol as 170 glasses of red wine

I insisted on ResVinol-25 because it’s the most readily absorbed form of resveratrol (standardized to 25% transresveratrol), PLUS it contains 20% red wine polyphenols (not usually found in resveratrol supplements)—the same exact blend found in red wine.

All in all, the 180 mg of ResVinol-25 that’s in Triveratrol Plus gives you the same amount of healthy resveratrol as in 170 glasses of red wine for…

  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Incredible free radical-fighting power
  • Reduced oxidative stress and inflammation

2 Meriva® is a state-of-the-art, proven turmeric extract, and it’s 45 times more bioavailable than other turmeric extracts. The Meriva in Triveratrol Plus

  • Fights inflammation throughout your body
  • Helps reduce free-radical stress
  • Supports the health of your blood vessels

3 ACTIValoe® aloe vera extract from “the plant of immortality”

Many cultures have considered aloe a cure-all for centuries, and the ancient Egyptians even called it “the plant of immortality.” The ACTIValoe in my Triveratrol Plus provides digestive and immune support, plus the formula is super-pure and extremely high quality, with a proprietary process that guarantees freshness. ACTIValoe…

  • Fights free-radical damage and
  • Helps balance blood sugar levels
  • Supports healthy digestive and immune systems

4 pTeroPure™ pterostilbene, the brand-new powerhouse ingredient I’ve added for even greater age-defying health and vitality

This groundbreaking nutrient makes my Triveratrol Plus formula even stronger than ever. pTeroPure works synergistically with ResVinol-25 to give you…

  • Powerful antioxidant support
  • Cutting-edge defense against free radicals
  • Head-to-toe cellular protection

New and Improved Triveratrol Plus is easier to take

My formula is also more convenient now, because you can take both capsules at the same time, with a meal. No need to spread them out in two separate doses anymore!

Put this incredible blend of anti-aging powerhouses to work for you.

When you protect your cells with the groundbreaking nutrients in New and Improved Triveratrol Plus, you’ll know you’re winning the war against the inflammation and free-radical damage that ARE the aging process.

This is your chance to enjoy the wonderful sense of overall well-being that New and Improved Triveratrol Plus can give you. There’s nothing like knowing you’re getting off-the-charts antioxidant protection!

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