Lose Weight, Lose Diabetes

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To show you how making a commitment to lifestyle changes is one of the best preventive methods for reversing diabetes, I want to share one of my favorite diabetes success stories. It comes from a gentleman named J.D.

J.D. writes: “Dr. Whitaker, four and a half years ago, I was 43 and in the worst shape of my life. At 6’2”, I weighed 310 pounds, and the only exercise I got was mowing my yard. I insisted on going out for a fast food lunch every day because I just ‘had to get out of the office,’ and those meals were usually ‘supersized’ so I could get as much food as possible for my money.

“I already had hypertension and high cholesterol when a routine physical found a fasting blood sugar of 160, and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Fortunately for me, my doctor gave me an ultimatum: I could either lose weight or I would have to go on medication for the rest of my life. My wife was determined that I would not take any drugs. We checked out your book, Reversing Diabetes, and began utilizing many of the techniques it describes. I started exercising and our whole family changed lifestyles.

“Today, four years later, I have lost over 100 pounds and it has stayed off. I have never taken medication for diabetes, and my cholesterol and blood pressure health are also under control. I feel better than I have in years.”

J.D. decided that reversing diabetes was within his reach and he did what was necessary to make it happen. You can do the same.

But even easier is to take steps now to prevent the disease. Preventing type 2 diabetes is a lot easier than reversing it. I encourage you to seek natural treatments for diabetes, many of which are presented here in this blog.

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