Microcurrent Therapy: Pain Relief That REALLY Works

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Microcurrent Therapy for Pain Relief

“For about a year, I had terrible sciatica and could hardly move when I first got up in the morning. After my first treatment, I couldn’t believe the difference! I made it through several days without any pain, though it eventually returned. I had two more treatments—same story. Then one day, about a month later, I woke up and the pain was gone. I have a strong feeling it’s because of this therapy.” —M.F.

“A few months ago I injured my hip while working out and had been limping ever since. I tried everything, but nothing helped until I started using this therapy along with physical therapy. I can’t tell you how much better I feel.” —K.M.

“I’d suffered with the constant pain of fibromyalgia for more than 10 years before my son-in-law heard about and recommended this treatment. From the very first session I felt substantial relief. I am so thankful and I plan to return regularly for follow-up treatments.” —L.G.

“I was skeptical at first but after 25 treatments you have convinced me, I definitely need one of these units at home.” —B.T.

“I can walk without constant pain. Such a pleasure to have such an outcome.” —E.E.

Five separate testimonials. Five successful outcomes. One incredible treatment: Microcurrent therapy. When it comes to safe, natural therapies to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation, microcurrent simply can’t be beat. 

We have been using microcurrent therapy at Whitaker Wellness for about seven years now. Our system, called frequency specific microcurrent (FSM), delivers very low-frequency electrical currents specifically tailored to each tissue type to stabilize and restore cellular energy flow. Noninvasive and painless, FSM works to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and facilitate healing throughout the entire body.

Used primarily to alleviate pain (musculoskeletal, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, etc.), FSM is an effective treatment for a surprisingly wide range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal complaints, and insulin resistance. 

The premise behind FSM, according to leading authority Dr. Carolyn McMakin, is that all cells and tissues have unique electrical signatures, and when these specific frequencies are delivered to affected areas, healing occurs. Targeted frequencies have been identified for virtually all tissues and organs, which helps explain why microcurrent therapy is beneficial for several health concerns. 

At Whitaker Wellness, microcurrent therapy quickly became—and has continued to be—one of our most highly rated effective treatments for relieving pain.

To learn more about receiving microcurrent therapy at the Whitaker Wellness Institute, call 800-488-1500. To order a unit for home use, call 800-810-6655.

Now it’s your turn: Have you considered microcurrent therapy for any condition? 

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