Natural Treatment for Stroke Patients

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Natural Treatment for Stroke Patients

German researchers recently published results from a study that every patient dealing with complications from a stroke should know about: Treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can lead to improvements in neurological function and quality of life months—even years—after a stroke.

HBOT, which involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized environment, dramatically increases oxygen delivery to damaged areas of the brain. This massive infusion of oxygen wakes up injured and dormant brain cells, with often-stunning results.

At Whitaker Wellness, HBOT therapy is our go-to treatment for stroke rehab, and our patients routinely experience positive results. One of them is Billie M., a charming and gracious woman from Alabama.

Billie’s Treatment for Stroke Rehab

In 2008, Billie suffered multiple small strokes that temporarily robbed her of her eyesight, hearing and ability to walk. Although she recovered to some degree, her balance remained impaired and she experienced occasional dizziness. She also had severe pain and numbness in her legs and was treated with vein bypass, with no lasting relief. As a result, this once-active woman—who was a master gardener, an accomplished seamstress and a talented singer—was forced to spend most of her time in a wheelchair.

One thing Billie had going for her was perseverance and a willingness to work hard. When her doctors back home told her there was nothing more they could do for her, she decided it was time to pay the clinic a visit. So in 2011, Billie enrolled in our Back to Health Program and was treated with a number of therapies, including a course of HBOT.

Slowly but surely she began to improve. The pain and unrelenting fatigue that had plagued her began to lift. She felt steadier on her feet and was able to walk more and use her wheelchair less and less. A few days before Billie returned home, she was walking to the end of our building and back unassisted. In fact, she was doing so much better that her wheelchair was in the trunk of the car.

HBOT is available in many hospitals and clinics nationwide. However, because it’s not on the short list of Medicare-approved conditions, it’s rarely used in treatment for stroke. This is pure, unadulterated bureaucratic nonsense—and it’s denying millions of patients access to a life-changing therapy.

If you are rehabilitating from a stroke—even if it occurred months or years ago—you owe it to yourself to seek treatment for stroke with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Now it’s your turn: Have you ever experienced hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits?

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