Neurofeedback: A Natural Treatment for Anxiety and More

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Neurofeedback: A Natural Treatment for Anxiety and More

If you’re looking to improve cognitive function, treat anxiety naturally, sleep better without medications, or get a handle on other challenging neurological conditions, neurofeedback may be just the therapy for you.

So what is neurofeedback exactly? It’s a type of biofeedback that helps normalize electrical activity in specific areas of the brain. People who suffer with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other cognitive disorders often have disruptions in the brain’s electrical impulses. Neurofeedback helps retrain brainwaves and restore normal function.

During neurofeedback treatments, patients simply relax and watch a program on a computer monitor while electrodes attached to the scalp monitor and transmit information to and from the brain. Sessions last about half an hour and are repeated as needed until healthy brainwave patterns are reestablished.

Though retraining brainwaves may sound a little “new age,” neurofeedback has been studied in hundreds of clinical trials and shown to be an effective treatment for several health concerns. But don’t just take my word for it. Below are several testimonials from Whitaker Wellness patients who have experienced the benefits of this remarkable therapy.

A “Real Person” Again

“Neurofeedback has made me feel calmer, more relaxed, and capable of being a ‘real person’ again.” — D.J.

Ruined the Taste of Cigarettes

“Your machine ruined the taste of cigarettes. I’m down to two or three a day, depending on my level of anxiety. Before, I was smoking a pack per day.” — J.C.

Nothing Works Like Neurofeedback for Insomnia

“There’s nothing else that works as well as neurofeedback for my sleep.” — A.G.

I Haven’t Felt This Calm in Years

“What I got out of neurofeedback was worth all of the money my husband and I spent here at Whitaker Wellness. All this ‘stuff’ up here has been lifted. I haven’t felt this calm in years.” — H.R.

From Brain Fog to Mental Clarity

“What I got out of neurofeedback was clear thinking. That’s the world for someone who had brain fog every day for years.” — J.C.

Sleeping Like a Log

“I don’t know what you’re doing here, and what this equipment really does, but I’ve been sleeping like a log.”— Linda M.

In addition to the health conditions listed above, neurofeedback is also a useful treatment for migraines, ADHD, fibromyalgia, and other addiction problems. For treatment at the Whitaker Wellness Institute, call 866-944-8253 or visit

Now it’s your turn: Have you tried neurofeedback or any other biofeedback therapies?

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