Paula Deen Endorsing Diabetes Drugs? Big Pharma's Stooped to a New Low!

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Paula Deen Endorsing Diabetes Drugs? Big Pharma's Stooped to a New Low!

So, they’ve essentially taken a celebrity whose show features dishes loaded with butter, sugar, and heavy cream—and who calls her deep fryer a “kitchen essential”—and turned her into a spokesperson for one of the most insidious diseases in America. Folks, one of her recipes is for deep-fried cheesecake—that’s a recipe for diabetes and a heart attack all rolled up into one.

Yet, Deen has said in interviews this week that she’s going to continue to cook the same unhealthy foods on her show, with slight modifications. By using Deen to endorse their diabetes drug, Novo Nordisk is sending a clear—and dangerous—message that you can eat as much junk as you want. Then, just take drugs to “fix” the resulting disease.

As I’ve often said, most oral hypoglycemic (blood glucose-lowering) agents are no more than a bandage approach to diabetes—they may lower blood sugar but do nothing to address the underlying condition. There is no magic pill for overcoming the disastrous effects of a poor diet and excess weight.

The only way to truly manage—and in many cases reverse—type 2 diabetes is with a combination of a sensible diet, moderate exercise, and targeted nutritional supplements. I’ve developed a program I call the Mini-Fast with Exercise that incorporates all three.

Plus, there are other natural breakthroughs that outperform many diabetes drugs. For example, researchers found that berberine, an alkaloid found in goldenseal and other plants, controls blood sugar as effectively as the world’s most popular diabetes drug, metformin (Glucophage). Yet, since it’s not backed by Big Pharma—and doesn’t have a celebrity endorsing it—most people won’t hear about it.

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