Works for Me: A Penny for Relief From Insect Stings

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Works for Me: A Penny for Relief From Insect Stings

I don’t remember where I heard that a penny could take the itching and swelling out of a bee or hornet sting, but I recently had a chance to see this cure in action. A friend was complaining that she had been stung several days prior, and the itching was driving her crazy. Her mother happened to have a penny on hand so she placed it over the affected area. A short while later, my friend swore the itch was gone. — Sandy, via email

I haven’t been stung by a bee for years, but I really enjoy these kinds of folk cures. Other options for taking the sting out include Caladryl lotion or cream (available in drugstores), toothpaste, and ice. — JW

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