Probiotics for Weight Loss?

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If you have diabetes, you know how important it is to maintain a healthy weight. Those of you who are struggling with your weight loss efforts may need to listen up, because I have some interesting news to share. Recent research suggests that you should take probiotics for weight loss. 

Probiotics for Weight Loss Here’s the background. The gut bacteria that reside in your intestinal tract, known as the gut microbiota, are involved in nutrient uptake and energy regulation. Studies show that in obese humans and animals, the microbiota extract and absorb more calories from food and store them in fat cells.

Research on Probiotics for Weight Loss

In a recent study, pregnant women who took probiotic supplements during their first trimester were only half as likely as a control group to have abdominal obesity a year after giving birth. Another clinical trial found that patients who took probiotics after bariatric (weight loss) surgery had significantly greater weight loss than those who did not take these supplements. 

Granted, this research is fairly new and there are many questions yet to be answered. Still, it’s worth a try. You simply can’t go wrong by taking a good probiotic supplement for healthy gut bacteria. In addition to possibly facilitating weight loss, these friendly bacteria also help prevent pathological bacterial overgrowth, improve digestion and elimination, and boost immune function. I recommend them to all my patients. Dosages vary by brand, so use as directed.

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