Insole technology addresses the foot problems that cause back, hip, and leg pain

Barefoot Science Therapeutic Insoles (XS)

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Regular insoles or even expensive custom solutions only provide a temporary degree of relief while you’re wearing them. They do nothing to solve the real problem—the strength of your feet.

But now, with Barefoot Science Insoles, you can…

Strengthen your feet with every easy, comfortable step

While the system starts with insoles, any similarity to other shoe inserts ends there. Barefoot Science Insoles not only strengthen your foot muscles with every step, they actually exercise your feet while you walk and help support your arch, alignment, and even your posture with a patented domed arch.

In that domed arch is a small oval cavity where foam inserts fit. There are 7 different insert sizes, each providing an increased degree of foot strengthening support, so you get the individualized support your feet need.

Study shows significant decrease in foot and lower back pain

Barefoot Science conducted a study with 48 nurses, doctors, and other hospital personnel—people who spend a great deal of time on their feet. Participants kept personal logs to record their results.

A baseline was set for one week where the study subjects recorded pain, tiredness, and soreness levels. At week two, they began using the Barefoot Insoles and continued daily logs of how their feet, hips, and lower back felt. Nearly 96% of the participants who completed the 5-week trial reported that they felt substantial relief and that Barefoot Science Insoles were, in their words, “great.”

What will the Barefoot Insoles do for you?

Barefoot Science Insoles was developed by a panel of experts, including orthopedic doctors, to actually give your feet a “workout” to help:

  • Relieve chronically tired, achy feet

  • Address the root cause of most foot problems

  • Stretch and strengthen your foot muscles

  • Give you healthy, comfortable energized feet

Barefoot Science Insoles can even bring relief to people suffering with bunions. No other shoe insert or technology has the proven benefits of Barefoot Science Insoles. These are unlike any other insole you’ve tried.

Everyone who wears shoes can benefit from Barefoot Science Insoles.  But especially if your feet hurt and you have hip, knee, or lower back pain—you need to try these miracles for your feet! These insoles currently have limited availability in the United States; so be sure to order today.

Don’t waste your time or money on a slipshod temporary solution. Find real relief with an insole that targets the root cause of your discomfort: Barefoot Science Insoles.