Delicious tuna - abundant in healthy EFAs - and low in mercury

Wild Planet Albacore Tuna (24 cans-lightly salted)

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Tuna is one of the healthiest foods you can eat—but mercury can be an issue if you're not familiar with the source of tuna. Tuna is a rich source of omega-3 essential fatty acids—in fact, it contains both EPA and DHA fatty acids. These are both "good" fats that are exactly what your heart and brain need for optimal health throughout every stage of your life.

Today's fishing practices, however, leave much to be desired. A lot of the boats catching tuna for the major canneries cut corners and a lot of canneries just don't do things the right way. Many canneries cook the tuna twice—once before it is canned, then again after the canning. The first cooking removes the oil, and with it all of those healthy omega-3s. Then vegetable oil or water is added and the tuna is canned and cooked yet again. By the time it's said and done, most of its nutritional value is gone.

There is still one fishery that does things right—they are Carvalho Fisheries. They start by only fishing for tuna on the surface of the Pacific waters where the younger-aged fish live. The younger and smaller the fish, the less mercury they tend to have. Carvalho Fisheries' principals, William Carvalho and Bill McCarthy, have a combined 35 years of experience in the seafood industry. They possess intimate knowledge of industry practices and in 2003 chose to discontinue involvement in fisheries that either employ harvest techniques that result in the wasteful discard of usable species or contribute to marine habitat damage. Wild Planet was created in 2005 to introduce a branded selection of sustainably caught seafood and Carvalho Fisheries was merged into Wild Planet in 2008.

Wild Planet believes that conservation of wild habitat and harvest of wild seafood can successfully coexist. They strive to offer a product line consisting only of the most eco-preferable, wild seafood on the planet. Thus arose the name Wild Planet.

Wild Planet Low Mercury Albacore Tuna offers:

  • 6 times the omega 3s than national store brands average
  • More omega 3 than salmon
  • Sustainably caught/Dolphin-safe/turtle-safe, troll caught fishing methods and custom canning technique
  • Young, small, wild fish used, so there is less likely to be environmental contamination
  • Tuna is packed in its own oils and no liquid or oil is added
  • Delicious taste and exceptional texture
  • Excellent source of protein
  • 0g of sugar and carbohydrates
  • Relatively low levels of mercury (.17 ppm) and less than the 1.0 ppm max set by the FDA

Carvalho's whole process guarantees the highest-quality and freshest-tasting tuna. Each fish is filleted by hand—the dark meat is trimmed away and only the premium white fillets are carefully packed into each can. The lid is rolled on by a press to seal it to the can so that there are no lead seams.

Once sealed, the tuna is cooked in the can with its own natural, healthy juices. Every drop of omega-3-packed oil is right there in every can. And each can is cooked according to the strictest standards of temperature and durations set by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. The result is the healthiest, best-tasting tuna you'll ever eat.

The taste and the texture of the Wild Planet Low Mercury Albacore Tuna is so fantastic you can eat it right out of the can—it's like eating a tuna steak form a fancy restaurant. So you don't have to give up one of your favorite healthy foods—try this delicious, safe tuna today—you'll never eat another brand of tuna again!

About Low Mercury:

Comparing Wild Planet test results with FDA albacore test results adjusted for water dilution arrives at the following comparison:

  • Wild Planet albacore average mercury test result: 0.17ppm - 62% less z
  • National brands albacore average mercury test result adjusted for water dilution: 0.45ppm
  • FDA maximum level allowed 1.0 ppm


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