Pycnogenol, pronounced pic-noj-en-ol, is sustainably sourced pine bark from a pristine forest habitat along the Bay of Biscay in the coastal region of southwest France—and may be one of the most researched supplements in the world, yet for many it’s still a mystery. Pycnogenol health benefits include support for your ears, eyes, joints, skin, and brain. Even better, more research in blood sugar and sexual wellness is underway. Areas with the most promising results include: brain health, including mood and mental performance; eye health, especially the retina; ear health, including the possibility of reducing occasional ear ringing; healthy blood pressure and overall vascular health; healthy skin, including smoothness and elasticity; joint mobility, including healthy knee function; and healthy circulation, including your hands and feet.

Pycnogenol Supplements

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Prelox Plus

Clinically studied Prelox® Plus supports optimal sex drive and satisfaction for men
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