Results of My Mini-Fast Weight Loss Challenge

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Results of My Mini-Fast Weight Loss Challenge

When my latest book The Mini-Fast Diet launched a few months ago, I decided to challenge the employees at Healthy Directions—the company that I partner with to sell my nutritional supplements and publish my monthly newsletterto participate in a weight-loss contest based on the program outlined in the book, also known as the intermittent fasting diet plan.

Several employees rose to the challenge. The final results were impressive, and I want to share them with you. The participants lost a combined total of 100 pounds on the intermittent fasting diet plan. But the three winners were selected based on who lost the greatest percentage of body weight over the course of the 12-week challenge.

Top 3 Winners in the Weight-Loss Challenge

Optional bi-weekly weigh-ins were held to keep participants motivated. The competition was close from beginning to end. When the contest concluded, the top prize went to Erica in brand management, who lost 9.5 percent of her body weight and edged out second-place winner Linda in accounting by just 0.5 percent. Jen in the editorial department came in third place, with a loss of 6.6 percent on the intermittent fasting diet plan.

I encourage anyone who wants to lose weight to give the intermittent fasting diet plan with exercise a try. As you can see, this scientifically-proven program really works and can have a profound effect on your overall health and well-being.

Now it’s your turn: Have you ever done an intermittent fasting diet plan with exercise

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