Treating Shingles Naturally

…they aren’t a viable long-term solution for treating shingles. That’s why I recommend the following safe, natural and effective methods for treating shingles instead. IV Vitamin C and Microcurrent for Treating Shingles Several lab studies have shown that vitamin C inhibits viral…

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The Power of Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

…therapy is long and varied. They include bolstering the immune system, killing cancer cells, and fighting viruses and infectious diseases such as shingles, Lyme disease, and Epstein-Barr. Patients who have undergone intravenous vitamin C therapy often report astounding results. Mary B. was worn down…

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Just Say No to the Shingles Vaccination!

…a cost of $150–$300 per shingles vaccination. Of course, you should make up your own mind, but I can tell you that I would never recommend the shingles vaccinination for my patients. Now it’s your turn: What are your thoughts about the shingles vaccinination? You May Also Be…

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