Can Just 10 Minutes of Exercise a Week Prevent Diabetes?

We’ve long known exercise can help to prevent diabetes—but a study in the just the past few years shows that even less than 10 minutes a week may be enough to make a difference. Researchers studying type 2 diabetes at Scotland's Heriot-Watt University assigned 16 subjects in their…

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Routine Testing of Blood Sugar Levels is Not Necessary

One of the questions I often hear when I talk to people with diabetes is whether it’s necessary to constantly test their blood sugar level. Take J.M. from Texas, for example. He wrote to me saying that he takes a drug to help manage blood sugar levels and that his doctor has him test those…

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Managing Insulin Resistance

I can’t even imagine how many conventional physicians across the country have worn out their prescription pads writing scripts for diabetes drugs. In fact, as a society we’ve become so focused on the pills that we’ve forgotten the real issue with type 2 diabetes: managing insulin…

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