Diabetes Treatment: EDTA Chelation

Ethylene diamine tetracidic acid (EDTA) chelation is an FDA-approved intravenous therapy that removes toxic heavy metals from the blood, improves circulation, and restores arterial health. Chelation is often used to treat patients with early kidney disease because, even at low levels, lead has been…

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Diabetes is a Silent Killer

Diabetes is a silent stalker, and if you’re over 45, overweight, inactive, or suffering with other diabetes risk factors, you’re a prime target. In the United States alone, nearly 24 million people suffer from diabetes, and another 5.7 million are walking around undiagnosed. Worldwide,…

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Diabetes Is Much Too Serious to Ignore

In the United States alone, more than 24 million children and adults are living with diabetes, including 5.7 million who are unaware that they have this disease. Diabetes is a fearsome disorder, yet one we take much too lightly. Few people flirting with borderline elevated blood sugar levels realize…

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