Inflammation and Heart Disease

…levels than those with healthy gums. They also have greater risk of heart attack and stroke. Brush and floss regularly and consider investing in a toothbrush that uses high-frequency vibrations such as Sonicare. Finally, think about adding natural anti-inflammatory supplements to your daily regimen.…

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7 Baking Soda Health Benefits

…is a popular ingredient in toothpastes and mouthwashes since it has been shown to enhance plaque removal. Of course, you could just dip your toothbrush in baking soda, but due to its abrasive qualities, it may wear down enamel over time. Therefore, I recommend going with the commercial products.…

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Snoring: Mere Nuisance or Real Health Problem?

…slept without my CPAP machine only once—when I accidentally left it at home while traveling. I may occasionally forget to pack my toothbrush, but I never forget my CPAP because I am acutely aware of the tremendous benefits imparted by a good night’s sleep. Automatic and continuous…

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