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The Key to Instant Discipline and Weight Loss

There’s an old quote that says, “If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, the road to heaven is paved with executed contracts.” Nobody likes change. It’s painful. That’s why so few people succeed at weight loss, smoking cessation, or anything else that…

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The Secret to Successful New Year's Resolutions

It’s no secret that most of us make New Year’s resolutions only to break them a short time later. Here’s a tip you can keep in mind to make this year’s resolutions more successful: Frame your resolutions in the positive. Research suggests that one of the biggest reasons we…

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How to Quit Smoking Naturally

As we head into a brand new year, many of us will be making resolutions—and near the top of that list for many is to quit smoking naturally. Few resolutions can have such a dramatic impact on your health. Health Benefits When You Quit Smoking Naturally * Within 20 minutes of your last…

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