Vitamin E for Diabetes

Several studies have found that, compared to other drugs, Avandia (a popular drug prescribed to patients with diabetes) increases risk of heart failure by 60 percent, heart attack by 40 percent, and death in patients age 65 and over by 30 percent. We’ve known for some time that this drug is…

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The Benefits of Vitamin D Supplements

I’ve been extolling the benefits of Vitamin D supplements for nearly 10 years. This critical nutrient helps to protect against cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, dementia, falls and fractures, flu and more. Plus, taking adequate Vitamin D supplements can lower your risk for 17…

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Nutrient Spotlight: 3 Primary Antioxidants

Early in my medical career, I realized that everyone, regardless of age, sex, or health status, needed a basic nutritional foundation that provided reasonable (not just RDA) levels of key vitamins and minerals. Because no product like this existed, I formulated the Forward Plus Daily Regimen. My…

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