Do You Need Blood Sugar Testing Every Day?

Many people living with diabetes are told by their doctors that they need blood-sugar testing multiple times daily. This is not only inconvenient and expensive but also unnecessary—especially if you aren’t on insulin and this blood-sugar testing isn’t resulting in changes to your…

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Routine Testing of Blood Sugar Levels is Not Necessary

One of the questions I often hear when I talk to people with diabetes is whether it’s necessary to constantly test their blood sugar level. Take J.M. from Texas, for example. He wrote to me saying that he takes a drug to help manage blood sugar levels and that his doctor has him test those…

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Higher Blood Sugar Levels Linked With Cognitive Impairment

A couple of years ago, I wrote about a study examining the link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s in which Japanese researchers found that type 2 diabetes increased the risk of dementia by 35 percent. Now, research recently published in the journal Neurology suggests that higher blood…

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