The Myriad Health Benefits of Vinegar

I’m a big fan of vinegar. Few other compounds can boast benefits so varied. Whether you use it in the garden to kill weeds, in the kitchen to disinfect countertops, or in your culinary adventures, you just can’t go wrong. You may also want to keep a bottle in your medicine cabinet…

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6 Effective, Natural Home Remedies

Drug companies would like you to believe that the only cure for whatever ails you requires a trip to the pharmacy. But the fact is, our kitchens are filled with a plethora of treatments for a variety of common health problems. Here are some natural home remedies that really work. 6 Natural Home…

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More Men's Health Problems--Solved!

Let's face it. As men there are some issues we'd rather not discuss. In Wednesday's blog post I addressed several of the questions that might be on your mind. Today, as promised, I'm going to answer a few more. I used to sleep like a log. Now I go to the bathroom several times a…

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