Help for Hair Loss

…experiencing hair loss massaged a blend of rosemary, thyme, lavender, and cedarwood oils suspended in a base of grape seed and jojoba oil into the scalp nightly for seven months. At the end of the study, 44 percent of those using the above combination of essential oils experienced hair regrowth as…

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4 Embarrassing Health Problems, Solved

…This skin condition usually starts as dry or greasy scaling of the skin but may progress to yellow-red scaling bumps. To treat dandruff, wash your scalp with diluted honey, a natural antifungal, then shampoo as usual. In a European study, this eliminated flakes and itching in five weeks. I also…

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ADHD Treatments That Really Work

…electrical activity and identify problems. During a treatment session, patients simply relax and watch a video program while electrodes placed on the scalp monitor and transmit electrical impulses that help normalize brainwave patterns. It’s that simple. Neurofeedback is safe, noninvasive, and…

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