Do You Have Low Thyroid Function?

Low thyroid function (hypothyroidismh or underactive thyroid) is surprisingly common, affecting about one in eight women from 35 to 65 years of age, and one in five women older than 65. Not many people spend time thinking about their thyroid gland, but if you have unexplained weight gain or fatigue,…

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Simple Thyroid Testing You Can Do at Home

Last week, we discussed how hypothyroidism can contribute to weight gain. And now I’d like to tell about thyroid testing to determine if you have low thyroid function. The gold standard for the diagnosis of hypothyroidism is the thyrotropin test, highly sensitive thyroid testing that measures…

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Commonly Overlooked Causes of Chronic Exhaustion

The holidays are a busy time of year that can leave you feeling run down. But if you are constantly fatigued throughout the year, your chronic exhaustion may be a result of underlying conditions that can be easily remedied. What Causes Chronic Fatigue? * Low thyroid function: Your metabolic rate is…

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