The Benefits of HCA Supplements

…sugar falls too low. As an added bonus, HCA supplements stimulate the activity of an enzyme that enables fat to be burned in the liver producing ketones, the backup energy source that keeps you going during a fast. I recommend 2,000 mg of HCA supplement a day, prior to your morning exercise. HCA can…

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Why Low-Carbohydrate Diets Work

…Therefore, eating a low-carb diet dramatically decreases insulin production. Additionally, a low-carbohydrate diet reduces food intake, because the ketones produced by fat burning substantially curb appetite. I believe that the fastest, most efficient way to lose weight and burn fat is to follow a…

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Safe and Effective Weight Loss Supplements

…worth a try if you can tolerate the caffeine. Raspberry ketones are an aromatic antioxidant compound derived from raspberries that appear to have some fat-burning effects. What little research there is suggests that raspberry ketones increase the body’s production of adiponectin, a protein…

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